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 Not even good a good set.

Mark has crazy H-street video knowledge and screamed songs from the Hokus Pokus soundtrack at me as he was paddling up the point. Epic shit.

 Video grab of Gabe, who is clearly a total fucking ripper.

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A whole lotta Toucheng dudes went south this past weekend. A few captures:
Justin, always psyched and ripping. On our last attempt to score this spot we ended up pacing back and forth on a log for 8 hours waiting for a typhoon that never came.

 Turtle, jamming high and fending off a couple of snakes.


Some serious tropical punch on this one. Chris drove down last minute, paddled out, and caught a bomb right away.

Dave is a southener so he scores this all the time. He killed it.

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Yuli, not bad!

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Computex 2012

Rolled to Computex to better my understanding of the latest technology. 

There were some heavy scrums. Had to ask for a picture or out flank the group.

 Practiced  routines.  

Cool and classy over at Intel. Nice.

Then there was this travesty. You mean I should explore beyond limits? OK. I’ll do whatever you say, geeknuts.

Nobody feeling the Acer girls in tutus. Go figure.

 AMD always brings the heat.


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Flash and bowl

Got a memorable text on Tuesday: “Bowl. 730. I want to shoot some photos so put on your lipstick and take off your underwear.” 

Dustin’s got Gumby-like flexibility, classic tricks, and timeless style. Hell yeah! 

Yours truly. Will get to the tuck knee or bone out someday. For now it’s gonna go the way dad likes it. 

Mayor of Nan Gang, Jacko. 

Liam of Ottawa brings badass engery to sessions and he might be complying with the no underwear request here. 

Photography pro and session mastermind, Neil, blasted some mean backside airs at the end of the night. Thanks again, dude!

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Web nebula

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Orchid Island in October

I took a trip to Orchid Island for some fishing and diving with some people I didn’t know. I drove down south and then caught a boat over. This is the harbor in Kending.  

Turned out John and I had similar fitting caps. A good sign. *Edit… John is a talented dude. He took the underwater shots below.

Leaving Kending.

Cape Eulanbi, the southern tip of Taiwan. Shortly after this some dolphins followed the boat for a bit and one did a full on flip. Nice start.

Pulling into the harbor at Orchid.

 The dive shop.

The dive boat.

Diving. I’m mostly over it but I love the clear water at Orchid Island. The usual suspects:

At this point I’m always just thinking get me outa here and who cares about nudibranchs, lion fish and coral. Drift dives are cool though. The next day we did a crazy one along a wall. At one point I got ahead of the group and self arrested with my reef hook. The current was insane, like rippling the skin on my face. When the guide came around the corner I was hooked into I detached and was immediately pushed up to speed again… righteous! righeous! It’s great fun, like flying.

This is where the drift dive ended.

Not a lot going on in the evenings.

Can tour around by scooter. This one of the schools.

Seen one sunset you’ve seen them all. The next day I spent the afternoon fishing on the north side of the island. I was told to go to this spooky looking rock.

Had shrimp for bait and the jap style chum along with a sweet spoon for flicking it out into the water. Good stuff. I caught the pretty one below.

And I had this porcupine fish for a bit but I had to let it go. It’s about the size of a large bowling ball and about as heavy. So without a net I ended up cutting my line. Then later the highlight of the trip occured when I snagged a green turtle (no bullshit, not a fish tale). At first I thought it was another porcupine fish because it was so heavy but then a huge shape started to appear and then it surfaced and it was a freaking turtle. My line broke and it swam away. Maddness. I was tripping.

The sun started to go down so I packed up and began climbing back up to the road. 

But the path was completely blocked off by goats. It was a little creepy so I chose to wait it out for a bit to see if they’d leave.

Sick photo op.

But they weren’t going anywhere so in the end I threw rocks at them and eventually they left.

The next day we dove a Japanese logging wreck, which I had done on a previous trip. Still kinda fun though.

And that’s basically it. There was a moon festival bbq with the people I didn’t know but that was totally forgettable. There was this flying fish van:

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